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 Rent a boat for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday party, bachelorette , or just a day out with friends. Live the Miami Boat Rental  experience today .


Miami Boat Rental

Are you ready to experience Miami from a whole new perspective? Forget booking the same old tour bus, this time rent your very own private boat and make waves in one of the most beautiful parts of Florida. With Miami Boat Rental , you can sail off into your wildest dreams and make some unforgettable memories along the way.  Pack snacks, stock up on drinks—all as you take in stunning views and discover hidden creeks and islands. Or just anchor offshore and relax while taking in South Florida’s spectacular sights. Let us be part of your vacation today!


Rent a boat for the day and explore Miami's waterways!

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience. The exclusive  experience is the perfect way to explore scenic waterways and get an up-close view of the city. From speeding around the Bay to partaking in waterfront activities. Private boat rentals offer an affordable and exciting way to spend your day. As you sail through crystalline waters, admire breathtaking views  or stop for lunch at a water front restaurant . Wherever you go on your private boat rental journey, a fun and memorable adventure that’s well worth trying out. Don’t wait any longer to give it a try!

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Let Us Be Part Of Your Miami Boat Rental Experience

Who doesn’t love the sun, breeze and undiscovered beauty of the water? Miami Boat Rental  make it possible

Catch a glimpse of Miami's amazing architecture from the water!

Miami is a city made up of many different cultures, and its architecture proudly reflects that diversity. Taking a private boat tour in Miami is an excellent way to explore its amazing offerings without the hustle and bustle of the shorelines. From the cool calm waters you can enjoy: Gorgeous views of private mansions, lush resorts, and stunning high-rise condominiums all designed in unique styles with intricate detail. You can also cruise around celebrity islands where Miami royalty like Gloria Estefan live along with other famous figures. No matter how you experience it, you will be captivated by the brilliance of Miami’s architecture from the water!

Boat rental Miami
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Stop off at one of the city's many spots for a swim or some relaxation

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to enjoy Miami’s, then hiring a privet boat is the perfect way to go. From enjoying lunch out on the water under the warm Florida sun to taking a leisurely dip in the turquoise sea. you’ll be feeling refreshed and relaxed after stopping off at one of Miami’s many beautiful spots. There’s something special about exploring pristine coves, hidden bays and dreamy white sand beaches from your own privet boat that can’t be matched. Whether it’s sightseeing or just taking some time out to relax, Miami Boat Rental offers a unique opportunity to create special memories while exploring gorgeous coastal scenery.

Miami Boat Rental FAQ's

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Miami?

Boating is a great way to experience Miami’s wonderful ocean and coastlines. Cost to rent a boat in Miami will vary depending on the boat size, rental company, duration , and season . Bigger boats with more amenities available will usually cost more than smaller boats or bare-boat charters. Furthermore, boat rentals in the popular vacation season might be up to double the normal rate. However, the average boat rental around Miami costs between $800–$1200 for half day rentals and about $1500-2000 for full day  rentals. All in all, boat renting can be quite expensive but offers an excellent opportunity for adventurous travelers looking for something fun and exciting on the water!

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What is the minimum age to rent a boat in Miami?

Renting a boat in Miami is a great way to explore the beautiful waters of South Florida. However, boat renters must meet certain age requirements before they can set sail in Miami. According to state law, boat rental Miami requires an adult over age 21 with a valid form of identification or birth certificate. This ensures that the boat ultimate operator can adequately handle the boat on the open water safely. Although it may be tempting to invite friends and family aboard, passengers under the age of 16 must have an adult over at least 21 years of age on board when renting from any boat rental facility in Miami.

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What is the maximum capacity for a boat rental in Miami?

When visiting Miami, boat rentals provide the perfect opportunity to explore the vast regions of boat-accessible waterways in South Florida. Boaters can rent a boat for the day, or even for the weekend, depending on their preference. The maximum boat rental capacity for Miami is 13 people at a time aboard one boat due to coastguard regulations . It’s important to follow all laws and regulations put in place by each boat rental company as well as any other governing organization in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience out on the water during your boat rental in Miami.


What is the cancellation policy for boat rentals in Miami?

It is important to be aware of boat rental policies in Miami before signing any papers. Typically, boat rentals come with a cancellation policy that can vary from company to company. Most companies in Miami require the renter to give at least 24 hour notice if they choose to cancel their boat rental, although some may go as far as requiring 48 hours notice or even more – so be sure to check the specifics when making your reservation. If a boat rental is canceled within the predetermined time frame, you should be able to get a full refund, although no-show fees may still apply depending on the boat rental company. It’s always best to read all of the boat rental information prior to reserving anything so you know exactly what type of boat and cancellation policy you’re agreeing upon.

What type of boats are available for rent in Miami?

Miami is one of the boat-friendly cities and as such, boat rental in Miami goes far beyond the standard boat. Whether it is a yacht for an adventure trip or a boat for a romantic cruise, boat rentals in Miami offer a large variety of boat types that can fit the need. You can find classic motorboats that are perfect for watersports activities like speed boating and waterskiing, fishing boats and even luxury yachts that grant stunning views on your special day. There is sure to be something to fit everyone’s needs while they explore Miami’s beautiful seascapes!

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What is the minimum rental period for a boat in Miami?

Miami boat rentals offer flexible rental periods for boat owners and thrill-seekers alike. The minimum boat rental period in Miami is four hours, with some boat operators also offering half/full day. When booking your boat, don’t forget that additional charges or fees may apply based on the length of your trip. Miami boat rentals offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to have a leisurely getaway with friends or an exciting adventure in the great outdoors; just make sure to plan accordingly to get the most out of your boat rental experience.

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Are there any additional charges for boat rentals in Miami?

If you are planning to boat around Miami or take part in the famous boat party cruises, boat rental is a must. Renting a boat in Miami can have additional charges that are usually associated with boat fuel, boat cleaning, and other incidental costs. To avoid any surprises, make sure you ask boat rental agencies what these additional fees may be prior to signing on any agreements. Doing so could help prevent unexpected fees and ultimately save you money. After all, boat rentals should make your Miami boat experience an enjoyable one!

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